Small Urban Community on the Edge

by Tom Szustek

Small Urban Community on the Edge. Regeneration process at St. Teresa’s Gardens Estate, Dublin, Ireland.

The complex of 16 blocks of flats at St.Teresa’s Gardens, south inner Dublin was built in the 50s and now is in an advanced stage of decay with persistent sewerage and damp problems. The estate has also been blighted with anti-social behaviour, drugs and criminal activity.

City councillors have recently approved the plans for the demolition of almost all blocks at the estate and the regeneration of the area. New apartment blocks are planned to be built on-site. For now, the residents are being relocated to different locations across Dublin, but the process is very slow. Those who still live there suffer not only from poor conditions but also from isolation – some families are just left in blocks where there are just one or two more people. On the other hand, many people who have moved out want to return because they miss the community spirit.

The only still vibrant place at the estate remains the local boxing club where volunteer coaches encourage dozens of kids to pursue their sport dreams