Portrait of the Pilgrim 2014

by Tom Bereska and Tom Szustek

For the fifth consecutive year, Uspecto photographers Tom Bereska and Tom Szustek once again joined the efforts to climb the holy mountain of Croagh Patrick, Co. Mayo, Ireland during the annual pilgrimage. A new set of portraits they brought back from the trip, completes the “Portrait of the Pilgrim” project which was initially scheduled for 5 years. We hope that all 5 series gave an interesting visual perspective and enriched the iconography of one of the oldest Christian tradition in the world.

According to the legend, it was on the summit of the mountain that Saint Patrick fasted for forty days in 441 AD. Then, when descending he threw a silver bell down the side of the mountain, knocking the pagan she-demon Corra from the sky and banishing all the snakes from Ireland.

The pilgrimage takes place on the last Sunday of July. This tradition spans over 1500 years without interruption. Many pilgrims, as an act of penance, undertake their walk barefoot.

cooperation: Nadia