by Krzysztof Maniocha

‘Iascairí’ means fishermen in Irish. These men are tough and very hard working. Much of the time they sleep only an hour or two in their 24 hours work marathons.

Today’s law in Ireland (2012) for catching fish is different from that one many years ago. For various reasons (European Union laws) Ireland has given some rights to catch fish to other countries such as Spain, Holland or UK.

Today on Irish coasts a trawler is allowed to catch only a certain quota of fish, however, there are rumors of trawlers catching fish and transporting their cargo to smaller boats. Despite the efforts of Board Iascaigh Mhara (BIM) in equipping the fishermen with strict safety measures and training in proper usage of equipment, life on the sea brings its own rules. According to different surveys from around the world, professional fishing is one the most dangerous jobs with the highest rates of fatality.