Denis’ Mission

by Tom Bereska

Denis is a 60-year-old Irishman who dedicated his whole life to the cats. Two years ago, I noticed him walking around at night on the dark alleys in the district where I live. Since then I have been interested in his quite eccentric personality and started to accompany him in his ritual, which turned out to has a purpose – feeding homeless cats.

As far as he remembers he loved cats and he devoted his life to them. Currently, in his home live about 20 cats, that he takes care of as well. Leaving himself only a few euro for daily needs, he spends all his money on animal food.
Under cover of the night and away from nosy eyes, Denis uses a specific whistle to hail them out of their hidden place. It’s amazing that when you go to those places alone you wouldn’t know that there are so many cats hidden around.

Denis feels that taking care of the cats is his mission, a sense of his existence. Neither age nor lack of money will stop him from following the path he chose.