Catch a Hare

by Tom Bereska

Greyhound racing as a sport has its origins in the hunt. Irish hounds were reputedly known in ancient Rome and in Elizabethan England.

The sport in its modern form came to Ireland in 1927, when electric hares were run in Belfast and Dublin. This development transformed greyhound racing from a popular rural pastime to a major urban attraction. By 1960 Ireland had 22 registered venues, four of which were in Northern Ireland.

Ireland is unique in the world of Greyhound Racing. Many of the owners and trainers have dogs as their family pets where individualized care is of extreme importance. Many people derive their income from this industry. Owners and trainers utilize it as a hobby. Bord na gCon (The Irish Greyhound Board) monitors throughout the country, ensuring the kennels and stadia maintain the highest standards in the care of the dogs.

Photographer’s statement:
I’m aware that this is a very controversial subject. I’ve seen many horrible stories about how people treat greyhounds when they are not good anymore on track. However, during that time when I was making this project, I saw only passion and love for those animals.
I’m a dog lover and I truly believe there are still genuine owners and trainers for whom I dedicate this project.