Uspecto photojournalist Tom Szustek’s book ” Visual Notes from the Recession Time. Ireland 2008- 2013″ reviewed by Ros Kavanagh in Irish Arts Review – Autumn 2015

Posted on: June 16th 2016 by Tomasz Szustek.
” Visual Notes from the Recession Time, Ireland 2008 – 2013”, is a series of black and white images reflecting Szustek’s take on Ireland during this period. Originally from Poland, he has thrown himself into the melee of street culture and daily life in the capital and its surrounds. There is a sharp sense of composition and immediacy seen in images from protest marches and urban landscapes. Desolation is portrayed with drawn faces, grey skies and ruined buildings. He throws a light on the masses of horses and ponies that have suffered and died as a result of the recession, an image of a dead horse beside an industrial estate being the most poignant of the book.
Szustek’s unrelenting exposition of the misery experienced in our community is tempered by the fact that he is approaching it from the same level – the rainy street, the angry crowd, the muddy field. It is an honest approach, and even though it could be viewed as one-sided, it does bring home that all this does happen; we need to take account of it.”
book can be purchased at the price of €23 (inc. delivery) on Tom’s personal website: